Monday, June 10, 2013

System Level Designs


A consumer grade electronic product needs to be more than just a good circuit board that does something novel. It should be something that connects with the user on an emotional level; it should be artfully crafted in every detail to go beyond its basic functions; it should be a beautiful product that the user will cherish; its look and feel should be the center of attention leaving the electronics to do what electronics do, hide behind the scene and perform some the underlying functions.

We haven't posted here in over two weeks, not because we are not working on or losing interest in the project but because we didn't want to lose the momentum we had going in the artistic design. We're trying to craft the identity of PEGS 2.0. It already has a 'soul', the electronics are known, they simply need to be shaped to fit into the outer shell. If you haven't guessed by now we've decided to have the entire frame made by injection molded plastic. We're partnering with the local technical college to use their equipment and expertise to give the PEGS a beautiful covering. So after many meetings and design reviews we have two outstanding concepts for the PEGS new look. We are holding a vote on Facebook to let you tell us the better choice, because after all we are designing these for you :)


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  1. Ah nice, finally after 2 weeks! ;) Anyways I like the industrial look a lot! Though, I don't really like the HUGE sides (I watched the vid on Facebook) but I will still vote for them in the hope you can improve on that. :)